At Royal Ascension, we believe that content is king. Traditional advertising has a place, but in a new industry such as cannabis, education is the key. Our goal is to create engaging content that educates and supports your business.


A strategy is the foundation to creative work that is impactful, meaningful and leads to results. We start all of our projects with an analysis to provide us with a clear understanding - then, we execute and let the results guide us.


We create content that matters and content that works for you and your business goals. Our content creation services include video and podcast production, social media campaigns, and live event hosting both online and in-person.

We believe you should be treated like royalty...

Whether you are growing your business in the cannabis space, or you are a knowledge seeker hungry for cannabis content that matters - welcome to Royal Ascension! ⁣

We say ‘royal’ because that’s how we believe our community should be treated. We are here to support you on your journey through our content and services, while elevating the conversations surrounding cannabis. ⁣

Crown Crowd

Next Steps...

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