Call For Inclusion

After legalization comes normalization, and along with that will come many folks who are ready to step out from behind their Cannabis curious curtain with no one to guide them. Those of us who are savvy cannasseurs as well as the newly minted consumers will be called upon, at some point or another, to help usher another individual into the life changing world of Cannabis. Many people out there who have never had the opportunity to try Cannabis are simply looking for someone they can talk to so they can ask what in their mind might seem like silly questions.
In the spirit of the culture I ask one thing of you in the coming years, be extremely patient with your naive friends, it doesn’t take much for anxiety to turn someone off of Cannabis completely and our goal should always be to be as inclusive as possible. So don’t snicker when your colleague asks you what a bud actually is and what you do with it. Be honest when someone asks you what being high feels like, and for the love of all things green and stinky, never turn down someone’s horribly rolled joint with a nose in the air, without being too critical, try giving them a couple fun and friendly tips on how to turn their loose and lumpy doobie into a sleek and slick reefer stick.

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