Are All Cannabis Oils Made the Same?

Cannabis Oil RA post

Many Licensed Producers create extracted oils as an alternative to inhaling cannabinoids. However, not all oils are made equally. Some LP’s disregard the terpene⁣ throughout the extraction process and end up with an oil that consists of cannabinoids only.⁣⁣

Others either extract the terpenes at the beginning of the process and re-insert them at the end, or use a process gentle enough to preserve the terpenes along with the flavours and effects that they lend to the finished product. While some of the Licensed Producers intentionally tone down the terpene content of the finished product in order to mute the overall cannabis flavour. ⁣⁣

Make sure you ask your Licensed Producer of choice about their methods, it may be the difference in finding the medicine that works right for you. ⁣⁣

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